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Noi parliamo italiano is a website created and run by native teachers. The site offers grammar exercises, graded readings, audio and video clips, information and cultural notes to improve Italian and, in addition to exercises with automatic correction, offers many spaces in which you can participate and where you can write to and meet other students, including a chat.

Noi parliamo italiano

Why study Italian?

Despite the political and economic importance of other languages, the number of people who study Italian grows continuously, even in countries that have not had Italian immigration.
The most common reason is the cultural enrichment, followed by the need to study, work, leisure or for sentimental reasons.
Italian is a language of culture as it’s the language of Dante, bel canto and opera. It’s the language of great artists, painters, poets, writers, philosophers. It’s also the language of the Pope, being the official language, along with Latin, of the Vatican City.
Italian is a musical, open and diverse language, so that learning italian is easier and even more enjoyable.
But Italian is also the language that comes with Made-in-Italy: fashion, food and cars. All this is synonymous with quality, style and joie de vivre. Italian is ‘La Dolce Vita’.
Italian is an important part of Italy, a country full of art treasures, landscapes, and magic. And Italians are a creative, friendly and warm people.

Speaking Italian is a resource if you want to grow interpersonally, culturally and professionally. Italian industry is still one of the biggest in the world.